Reasons to Adopt an Older Cat

When it comes to bringing a new feline into your home, many people lean toward kittens.  Who could blame them?  Those fuzzy balls of fur are irresistible!  Older cats, however, can be just as rewarding and make excellent companions, both for your family and other pets.  Here are just a few reasons why you should consider adopting an adult cat.

First, older felines are typically already trained to do things like use the litterbox and not scratch the furniture.  Since you will have to put little to no effort into training, you can instead focus on getting to know your new cat and letting him get acquainted with his new home.  Additionally, unlike frisky kittens, adult cats tend to be more docile and less likely to get into mischief.  You won’t have to worry about how your house will look when you return from being away all day because an older cat will probably just use this time to catch some z’s.

Another reason to adopt an adult feline is that older cats, particularly those who have spent time in a shelter, tend to be extremely grateful to their new adoptive owner.  They are thrilled to be in a loving home where they are warm, well-fed and the recipient of attention and they’ll spend their lives repaying you with unconditional love.  Also, if you already own an adult cat and are adopting another as a companion, older cats typically adjust much better and are more tolerable than kittens.

Finally, adopting an older cat is a very humane decision.  The sad fact is that for every kitten that is adopted, an unwanted older cat is euthanized because she can’t find a good home.  By choosing an adult cat you are in many cases literally saving his or her life and that’s a decision you can be proud of.

If you’re thinking of adding a new cat to your family, please consider these things before making your decision.  While a kitten is certainly lovely to have around, an older cat can bring more love and personality into your home than you could imagine.  More importantly, they will be incredibly grateful for the chance to be accepted into your family and have a forever home to call their own.

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