Does My Dog Really Need a Bed?

It’s a common question of dog owners whether or not to purchase a bed for their pooch.  Some people prefer to allow their dogs to share a bed with them or let them lounge on furniture and still others think a dog is fine simply lying on the floor.  While it’s ultimately a personal choice, it’s important to note that there are a number of ways dogs benefit from having their own beds, not the least of which is comfort.  Here are just a few to consider.

Safety – Most human furniture is high enough that a dog has to jump to get on and off.  This can result in joint, muscle and ligament stress or injury to your dog, particularly if he is a puppy or has reached his senior years.  Providing him with a safe place to sleep that is at his level is best.

Cleanliness and Hygiene – As much as we love our dogs we can’t ignore the fact that they are animals.  Even the cleanest dog can carry bacteria which could pose a health concern when sharing furniture with their owners.  Dander and fur can also cause a problem.  For everyone’s health and wellbeing, it’s a good idea to let your pup sleep on his own bed.

Comfort and Security – Imagine having to lie on a hard floor every time you wanted to rest.  It’s no more comfortable for a dog than it would be for a human.   This is particularly the case for older dogs and dogs that have joint issues.  Providing a soft bed gives your dog a comfortable place to sleep and a place where he can feel secure.

Once you decide to purchase a bed for your dog the next step is selecting the right one.  Consider things like breed, size, age and any health conditions to determine which type best suits your dog.  For instance, memory foam and orthopedic beds are great for older, larger or dogs with joint issues while round or “donut” shaped beds are perfect for dogs that tend to circle before sleeping.

The bottom line is this: providing a comfortable bed to sleep on will not only benefit your dog, but will also create a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone in the family.

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