Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Cats

Christmas is about family which of course includes our pets! Over half of all households hang a stocking for their furry friends each year to ensure Santa knows they are special. Here is a list of our favourite presents for dogs and cats to help you ensure they wake up Christmas morning with a gift you know they will love!


1. A new bed! West Paw makes super high quality beds in many styles and sizes. These beds are eco-friendly, 100% guaranteed and come in a variety of fun designs to fit any décor. $24-$179

A new bed

2. A new toy (or two)! For snugglers there are the Big Sky Puppy and Teddy, eco-friendly and made of soft faux suede and fleece. For fetchers try the Orbee-Tuff Fetch or Woof Balls which are durable and fun! For the chewers out there give a Good Karma Rope toy a try, they are machine washable, durable and safe.  $7.95-$23


3. Liver treats! Benny Bully liver treats have been a favourite amongst dogs for their irresistible taste and amongst pet parents for their all natural ingredients. In fact there is only one ingredient, liver! Pick up a bag for the perfect stocking stuffer. $8.98-$51.09

Liver treats!

4. A new coat! With the cold weather fast approaching it`s important to keep your dog warm and comfortable on their daily walk. The Teckelklub Trench is one of the first fully waterproof dog jackets that also allows your dog`s skin to breathe. Made in North America of the highest quality materials they are sure to keep out the chilly Canadian winds. $40-$90


5. Their own music! There is a solution for the dog who has everything. Through A Dog`s Ear CDs are made with specific harmonies and intervals which have been clinically proven to reduce anxiety in up to 85% of dogs. Many veterinarians play this music in their exam rooms in order to help alleviate stress a dog may be feeling. $15.98-$20.98







1. A laser toy! The Frolicat Dart is an automatic rotating laser light that provides hours of entertainment, perfect for kittens and adult cats alike! $48


2. Continuous fresh water! The Drinkwell Stainless Steel Pet Fountain is dishwasher safe and its stainless steel construction helps protect from bacterial contamination. It will encourage your cat to drink more which will have many health benefits! $87.75


3. Catnip! The perfect gift because it’s entertaining for both cats and owners! Try some loose leaf West Paw catnip in your cat’s favourite spots, or pick up a catnip toy such as the Sushi. Perfect stocking stuffers! $2.95-$4.95


4. A bed/carrier hybrid! The SleepyPod original carrier is the perfect way to ensure your cat is as happy as possible during travel. At home it serves as a comfortable bed, on the go it becomes a safe haven where your cat can feel at ease. It also works with your seat belt and is crash tested to provide you with perfect peace of mind. $179


5. Treats, lots of treats! Purebites cat treats are all natural dried meats that cats adore with flavours including Liver, Chicken and Shrimp. The Honest Kitchen makes Smittens low calorie dried Haddock treats for a crunchy bedtime snack. $4.73-$12.29



All of these items are available in the Guelph Animal Hospital Boutique. Bring your pet with you so they can pick out their own favourites! Happy shopping!

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