New Year’s Resolutions

The Countdown is on to 2015!

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, the team here at Guelph Animal Hospital has been busy getting ready for the festivities.  There’s an excitement in the air as we make last minute preparations for an evening of celebration.  We can’t wait to ring in the New Year with all of our families, friends and pets!

But once the calendar flips forward, the last drop of champagne has been drunk and the remaining extra piece of kibble has been eaten, it will be time for us all to get down to business. And by ‘business’, we mean reflecting on the past year and coming up with our New Year’s resolutions.  On the human side of things, popular goals for the upcoming months can include things such as, taking up a new hobby, quitting smoking or joining a gym. However, resolutions don’t just have to be for people. We can make pledges for our pets too! Here are some suggestions:

1. Learn how to brush your pet’s teeth (ask us!)

2. Pre-Schedule an Annual Exam and Heartworm visit and mark them down in your calendar

3. Get your pet microchipped or update your contact information

4. Establish an exercise routine

5. Get your animal spayed or neutered

If these ideas don’t suit your fancy, not to worry!  We spoke with some of our own four-legged experts, and they were more than happy to share what they plan on working on for 2015:

 “Even though they are a delicacy to my doggie palate, I am going to stop looking for snacks in my brother’s litterbox. Sigh.”
RVT Diana’s Reese

“I get really excited for my food, and this year I am going to try really hard to wait patiently and not take my eagerness out on my brothers and sisters. I guess I can be a little rough. Wimps….”
CCS Krystal’s Cyrus

3 “My goal is to be gentle with the neighborhood rabbits instead of running after them. Apparently I’m ‘scaring’ them, when really I just want to be friends!”
Boutique Specialist Sara’s Buffy

131 “The Dog tattled, so now instead of getting my weekly manicure via the living room carpet, I will try using my scratch post instead.”
RVT Rachel’s Cali

 “I love food, but this year I’m going on a diet. I won’t be happy until I drop one size in the Chilli Dog sweater collection.”
Hospital Manager Cheryl’s Henry

 “I will work on getting back my girlish figure. My extra belly flab is getting embarrassing.”
RVT Meaghan’s Simba

 “My New Year’s resolution is to stop using Mom’s arm as a scratching post….oh well, I guess there’s always the couch …”
CCS Whitney’s Noelle

 “Mom says I need to treat the cat more like my sibling and less like my chew toy. I’ll give it my best. She’s so darn tasty!”
CCS Cynthia’s Cassie

 “Although we have mastered the art of the Puppy Dog Eyes, our mom says we need to learn to beg less. Spoilsport.”
RVT Stacey’s Vera and Preudence

 “I’m going to be a brave boy this year, and not give the cat the satisfaction of laughing when I hide from fireworks.”
ACA Erica’s Forrest

 “I’m going to try really hard to eat more vegetables, and less poop – including my own.”
Dr. Renee Fleming’s Eleanor Bea

 “I love to prove to the humans that I can stand on 2 legs too! But mom says I need to learn not to jump on people when I meet them…..and before I turn 13.”
Dr. Jen Perret’s Lilith

Sounds like they are all striving toward getting themselves back on track!  We wish everyone the best of luck with their goals. We’d love to hear what our patients are working on for 2015. What’s your pet’s New Year’s Resolution? And from all of us here at GAH, we’d like to wish you a safe and:

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