Planning To Fly With Your Pet?

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With the cold weather in full swing some people decide to put down their shovels and pick up a computer to plan a trip to warmer climates. A few countries allow you to bring your pets along with you without a quarantine period which means this time of year the skies are full of cats and dogs! As fun as it is to enjoy a holiday with your best furry friend you need to ensure you have the right tools for the stress of air travel.

For cats and very small dogs there is the option of travelling in the cabin alongside their owners. This is by far the best way to ensure their safety and comfort because they will be with you for the entire trip. Larger animals may need to fly in the cargo area, which can be much more stressful for both your pet and you and should only be considered if absolutely necessary. In this case it may be better to leave your pet with a reputable pet sitter.

For our smaller friends there are airline approved carriers for carry-on travel and Guelph Animal Hospital carries two varieties. One is the Sleepypod Air. The Air has been designed with airplane cabin requirements in mind and is adaptable to different spaces. It is made of soft durable material which makes it easy to fit underneath the seat in front of you on the plane. For more information visit $171.99


The second brand of carrier is the Cozy Carrier by One For Pets.  Only the small size is airline approved). It is a stylish and comfortable soft sided carrier with plenty of room for your pet to move around.  For more information visit $94.99


Always label the carrier with your name and contact information as well as the number for your veterinarian. You may also include any special instructions if your pet takes medication or requires specific care. Remember to check with your airline before you travel as regulations may have changed. Once you are on the plane you may be allowed to open the carrier to check on your pet and give them some water or food, as well as a comforting hand! If you are careful and prepared you and your pet can be enjoying a warm holiday together this season!

Fly by and check out the selection of carriers to find the right one for you and your travelling friend!

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