The Dreaded Task of Clipping Nails

How To Trim Your Pet’s Nails

When starting to trim your pet’s nails, make sure to start slow.  Start by handling the paws and feeding them treats to make it a pleasant experience.  Choose clippers that you are comfortable using.  There are two types to choose from, guillotine or scissor

nail-cutters                            scissors                          Guillotine                                                                          Scissor


  1. Have everything you need ready.  Clippers, treats, clotting powder such as Kwik Stop (this is used to stop the bleeding if you cut too short).
  2. Have your pet nice and relaxed before beginning.
  3. Hold the paw firmly and choose which nail you would like to trim.  Identify the quick (contains nerves and blood flow).

pad-200x195  nail-200x200  nails2-200x179

4. Use the clippers to cut the nail within a few millimeters of the quick.  If you have a pet with dark nails, use small cuts.  As you get closer to the quick you will notice a grayish val
nails3-200x200within the nail.  Stop cutting at this point.

5. If you cut too short, use the Kwik Stop powder to stop the bleeding.  Place the powder directly on the quick.   6. If your pet is being extremely patient, you could even try filing or dremling the nails afterwards to make them nice and smooth.

If you are finding that nail trimming is not for you, give us a call and book an appointment with a technician.

Meaghan RVT

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