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Dirty Teeth? Smelly Breath? Try These!

We all know how important it is to take care of our teeth, and the same principles apply to our pets’ teeth as well. It would be so easy if our pets could brush and floss their own teeth but the responsibility falls upon their loving owners. Many options are available to help ensure your pet’s mouth is clean and fresh, here are some easy to use products:


Virbac CET Chews for cats and dogs are treated with an enzyme which helps to break down and prevent plaque on their teeth, and they taste great! When used as part of a daily dental routine they can help reduce signs of dental disease. $11.22-$32.28


The Toothcleaner toy from Hunter is a fun and easy way to clean your dog’s teeth while they play! The rubber nubs and small spaces brush your dog’s teeth as they chew, providing a mechanical plaque removal system. $13-$15


 Medi-Cal Medi-Chews are a great tasting chew for dogs that provides mechanical and enzymatic tartar control. They also have anti-bacterial green tea extracts which help promote nice breath! $8.02-$12.00


The best way to help prevent dental disease is to brush your pet’s teeth daily (just like our own!). CET makes a variety of yummy toothpaste flavours and different types of toothbrushes to ensure that you can find the one that makes brushing time as easy as possible. $4.76-$8.86

 All of these items are available in the Guelph Animal Hospital boutique, come and speak with a staff member about which one would be best for your pet!

Sara – Boutique Specialist

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