Hooray for Shedding Season!

Ok, hooray may not be the right word for it but like it or not shedding season is upon us. When a single brush stroke through your pet’s hair creates a pile as tall as they are, when you’re afraid to wear black (or in some cases white) out in public for fear of looking like you haven’t vacuumed your house in years, or when company unexpectedly arrives and your only choice is to flip over the pet blankets on the couch to the “less hairy” side. Have no fear, we can help! Check out these products below:

The Furminator

The Furminator has been the king of helping rid pets of their unwanted dead hair for manyshedding blog1 years. Its special metal blade gets right down to the undercoat of shedding dogs and cats and pulls out everything that is no longer attached. It does not cut the hair nor hurt the pet at all; in fact most of them find it quite enjoyable! $34.99-$62.99

Pet+Me Rubber Shedding Brushes

The Pet+Me Rubber Shedding Brushes are an excellent gentle choice for removing shedding blog 2unwanted hair from your pet because they provide a massaging movement which can help calm a pet who does not enjoy being groomed. They are great for smooth haired dogs because their undercoats can be harder to reach with traditional brushes, and can also work well in the bathtub to help suds up shampoo! $17

SwiPets Hair Removing Gloves

This last one is not for your pet, it’s for your couch! The SwiPets Hair Removing Gloves shedding blog 3special formula and fabric create an electro-static charge, while ‘grabbing’ the pet hair and clumping it so you can simply pull it off and throw it away. Works on all fabrics! $14.99-$19.99

All of these products are available in Guelph Animal Hospital’s Pet Boutique, come check them out today!


Sara Chruszcz, Boutique Specialist


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