Springtime Means Puppy Season!

Along with fresh air and sunshine Spring can also bring along the patter of four new little feet into your house! We see many new puppies over the Spring and Summer months which makes it one of our favourite seasons. If you have a new little furry bundle of joy here are some great products to keep your puppy happy and healthy!bath stuff

Earthbath Puppy Shampoo, Wipes and Spritz are all made to be tearless and gentle on new puppy’s skin. Nylabone Puppy Chews and Kong Puppy Toys are an excellent way to entertain your puppy and satisfy their need to chew everything in sight. Rope toys are a perfect way to clean your puppy’s teeth as well as give them something safe to play with. Of course you also need a Squeeky Toy to provide hours of entertainment and the Puppy Teether Toy is a great one to start with!

through a dogs ear


For those solo times in the crate we offer the Music to Calm Your Puppy CD which has been clinically proven to reduce stress levels in puppies. $4.40-$17.49 at Guelph Animal Hospital’s Boutique.




Come in with your puppy to try them out today!

Sara, Boutique Specialist

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