Ask the Experts: Noise Phobias in Pets

More often than not, when we think about our pet’s health, we tend to consider their physical health. However, our pets can experience stress and anxiety the same way we do! I had the chance to chat with our team of technicians to discuss how you can manage specifically noise phobias and anxiety in your pet.phobias

Q. Can dogs and cats have noise phobia? What does this look like in my pet?

Diana: Dogs and cats can absolutely have phobias and anxiety, to noise and a variety of other things. Noise phobias can occur during events in which loud noises occur frequently and unexpectedly – such as holiday fireworks or thunderstorms. Pets experiencing noise phobias may hide, vocalize loudly, drool, shake, and inappropriate urinate / defecate in the house due to fear.

Q. That sounds very stressful for the pet! Are there any options for treating these fears so that my pet is more comfortable during these situations?

Meaghan: There are lots of over the counter options for both dogs and cats! For dogs, Therabite mellows contain natural ingredients that help curb anxiety in pets – and they’re given as treats so they’re super easy to administer! Another option for dogs and cats is Zylkene, a pill that also contains calming ingredients. If pills and treats aren’t your thing, the Thundershirt has had excellent feedback from our clients! This shirt has sizes for dogs and cats and simulates a “big hug”, the tight contact reducing stress via pressure points instead of having to give your pet pills.

Sadie: Don’t forget about Adaptil and Feliway. These are another great drug free choice for relieving anxiety, and are species specific. Both release calming pheromones into the environment – through a diffuser, spray or wipes.

Q. These sounds like great options, but I have to ask – what if they aren’t enough?

Rachel: If you give these options a try and your pet is still experiencing phobic behaviours – which are stressful for both the owner and the pet – you can always book a behavioural consult with our veterinarians. There are prescription options as well that can be explored under the guidance and supervision of a vet. If alternative therapies are of interest, we can always work with Dr. Butler to see if any of our herbal options will be beneficial to your pet.

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