I’ve Lost My Pet, Now What?

As loving and devoted pet owners we don’t expect to lose our pets.  Unfortunately it only takes a moment for a pet to go missing- a door or gate is left open, a leash is dropped on a walk, a car accident or any number of other situations can cause pets to escape.   Discovering that your pet is missing is a very stressful situation. If you do find yourself in this predicament here is a list of five search strategies to find your lost pet:

  1. Search the immediate area, let neighbours know you are missing your pet and provide picture if possible.  Be sure to leave a number where you can be reached.
  2. Call the local branch of the OSPCA and let them know your pet is missing.  Again provide a picture and a number where you can be reached.
  3. Call all the veterinary clinics in the area, including after-hours clinics, again leave your contact info.
  4. Check with on-line media sights such as kijiji, lost/found pets postings, local rescue groups.
  5. Post signs in area with a picture and your contact info.

Hopefully you will never experience the anxiety of losing your pet.  The best way to ensure that your pets find their way home is to provide them with identification.  Microchips and collars with tags provide the finder with your info so that lost pets can be returned to their homes safely and as soon as possible.

Erica VA

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