When you are looking for an Animal Chiropractor within the Veterinary world the reference is Animal Manual Therapy which addresses dysfunction in your pet’s muscular, skeletal and/or nervous systems.  All of the joints in the body including joints between every vertebra in the spine have a normal range of motion.  When these joints become fixated (often called a subluxation), changes occur in the local muscles and tendons.  Also, each organ and muscle in the body is stimulated by a nerve that travels out between a spinal segment, so when a spinal joint becomes fixated, there can be changes anywhere in the body.   As you would feel better after visiting a chiropractor for an adjustment, animal manual therapy may help reduce pain, minimize injury, increase range of motion, restore proper biomechanics, improve joint function and quality of life and enhance performance for your pet.  Although pain and arthritis is the most commonly addressed issue, other conditions such as bladder incontinence, anal gland problems, and digestive issues can also be aided by adjustments.  

Dr. Smolkin has completed 220 hours of training at the Canadian Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre in Brantford. (http://collegeofanimalchiropractors.org/en/)   Your pet’s initial consult for manual therapy will take about 30 minutes where a thorough history, gait analysis (evaluation of movement) and muscle evaluation will be performed.  A specific chiropractic exam will be done to assess each joint’s range of motion.  Depending on the condition of the animal and the severity of restrictions, we may need to start slowly with only one or two adjustments on the first visit.  Expect to commit to 3-4 treatments to determine the efficacy of chiropractic for your pet.   Serving patients from south western Ontario near Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Waterloo, Brantford area who are looking for animal chiropractic and animal chiropractor.  Due to regulations Veterinarians must phrase this mode of treatment as Manual Therapy and not Chiropractic ;)