Homotoxicology is an approach to healing that integrates the principles of homeopathy with conventional medicine.   It is a branch of medicine which seeks to aid the body’s natural defense systems in eliminating disease causing agents.

 Homotoxicological View of Illness

From a homotoxicological point of view, illness is caused by the body’s reaction to the presence of disease causing agents called homotoxins.  Symptoms are the result of the body’s natural defense system reacting to a threat.  This means that illness is not the presence of symptoms (as often thought of in conventional medicine) but rather symptoms are proof that the body is attempting to mount a natural defense against specific disease causing agents.  When an entire treatment is geared just to the removal of symptoms, the results may only be superficial and the long term health of the patient may end up being compromised.  Treatment based on the principles of homotoxicology takes into account the causative agents (homotoxins) and, by stimulating the body’s own defense system, can address the actual causes of the illness rather than just suppressing the symptoms.

Homotoxins include all of those substances which can cause illness such as viruses, bacteria, allergens, chemicals, drugs, radiation, hormones, stress, etc.  Their present causes disruption to normal regulatory processes.  Every illness is due therefore to the effects of homotoxins.   Homotoxins may be introduced from the exterior or originate in the body itself.

Homotoxicological Medicines:

Anti-homotoxic medications represent combinations of herbal, mineral, biological, pharmaceutical and/or biopharmaceutical ingredients prepared homeopathically.  They have been developed to serve the very specific purpose of restoring regulation in the organism.

These medications can be given orally or by injection and are often injected into acupuncture points to affect even greater activity.