Some clients come to Guelph Animal Hospital for the first time to seek out Alternative or Integrative Therapies for their pets who have been previously diagnosed with a particular illness and have either failed to respond to conventional therapy or their owners are looking for more options to optimize their pet’s treatment.   We also have clients of our own whom we believe may benefit from a more thorough investigation of the options available to them through the several integrative therapies available.

Currently these initial “ Integrative Therapy Consults” are set up with Dr Smolkin who has an extensive background in the study of Bio-regulatory therapies and Traditional Veterinary Chinese Medicine.  This initial visit will start with a full 1-hour consultation and examination allowing Dr. Smolkin to become fully familiar with the pet’s history, presenting problems and general physiological, emotional and physical state.   A complete review of all current treatments, medications, supplements and diet is included.  The Doctor will then be in the best position to make recommendations and set up a treatment strategy based on each pet’s individual needs and owner’s preferences.  Treatment often includes dietary recommendations along with specific recommendations regarding any adjustment to current medications and or alternative or additional integrative therapies such as those listed on this website.