Are you having trouble with your dog’s or cat’s behaviour? Is Fido showing signs of aggression, fear or anxiety?  Is Fluffy continuously peeing outside the litterbox? Before you throw up your hands in despair – call us to set up a behavioural consultation. Whatever the problem, we can help! Depending on the nature of your pet’s problem, we will either set up an hour long consultation with one of our veterinarians, or a 40 minute consultation with one of our registered veterinary technicians.

We can help your pet with a variety of unwanted behaviours – such as excessive biting in puppies, crate training, introducing a new pet or baby to the household, interdog aggression, fear, separation anxiety, compulsive disorders and inappropriate urination.  Our expertly trained staff will work with you and your pet to determine the root cause of the unwanted behaviour and then develop and implement an individualized modification plan designed to correct the problem and help your pet become happier and more balanced.